Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Tore You Apart In My Head

             So this past weekend I had a bunch of things to do. I had to get a lame oil change, run to the post office, pick up my family members, work both jobs, and prepare for school (which is in about two weeks... hooray *I say with intense amounts of sarcasm*). YIKES! But I will say that my Friday was awesome. I went and saw one of my favorite bands, Balance & Composure. If you have never heard of them, I suggest you go ahead and check them out. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but when I first saw them almost over 3 years ago- my soul just tingled lol. There's always something about seeing a band live... I love the way the music just fills your body, the drums just vibrating and pulsating through you, you just feel alive. I haven't been going to shows for that long, but I must say that it's a huge part of my life. One of my favorite venues has to be the Chain Reaction over in Anaheim. I LOVE how there are no barriers and you could just do whatever you want. I love when the entire room sings together simultaneously to every single word, theres just a sense of belonging. What type of music do you guys listen to? What's your favorite thing about going to shows/concerts?

        Anyways, I went out and shot a few oufits with my boyfriend thinking I was going to upload them all. I've decided to just do separate posts for you guys instead ^.^ So heres the first look! My boyfriend let me have my Valentine's gift early aka my Unif moto jacket. I adore it, I've worn it almost everyday! And who would I be if I didn't wear thigh high socks?! AHHH, I hope you guys enjoyed this<3 I'm still really new at this stuff, so don't worry- I'll only get better! Hopefully lol.


UNIF Union Jack Moto Jacket: Gift from BF
UNIF x NASTY GAL Leopard Hellbounds: Nasty Gal
Whatevs beanie: @Elizabethaudreyy
Black high waisted shorts and thigh high socks: American Apparel


  1. Truly love your blog ! And your style is beyond amazing. much love from Holland xxx

  2. LOVE your style! you look impeccable in a beanie and thigh highs

  3. Successful outfit post! Can't wait for more outfit posts to come! Ang ganda ganda mo!~ lolyea, I'm part filipino too. XD

  4. omg I saw Balance&Composure last year, they were sooo amazing ♥ I saw them with La Dispute, and it was by far the best night of my lifeeee.Two very amazing bands who can make a room shake. -- Love your look gurl :3

    1. ahhhhh im pretty sure i went to one of those shows too! i always go to their shows whenever they're in LA. <3

  5. I really love that wildfox skeletal top, so cute. Also, it's so cool of your boyfriend to take your pictures, mine does the same xx

  6. I love your style! It's so different and I LOVE Hellbounds. I'm from England and we don't have UNIF sold like anywhere here and I came across your instagram by accident and saw these AMAZING shoes and I was like I NEED THEM! And since I started following you I have purchased two colours of hellbounds from Nasty Gal and Karmaloop! You've definitely influenced me all the way in the little UK! :) I'm so glad I saw those Hellbounds as they are my favourite shoe everrrrrr even more so than my Jeffrey Campbells! Keep posting all your amazing outfits and ideas because you're feeding all of us outside of the USA who have never heard of such amazing brands like UNIF, Wildfox etc. Amazeballs xox