Sunday, March 31, 2013

ShopAkira Harlequin Girl


Harlequin Garter Waist Mini Dress C/O ShopAKIRA // Hat: Target // Leather Jacket: Topshop// Pentagram/Pentacle Ear Cuff C/O Sammi Ryan // Silver Claw Ring C/O VidaKush // Sunglasses: Forever21 // Shoes: Ego and Greed
Hey Babes!
Can we talk about how much I ADORE this dress?! It is absolutely perfect. ShopAkira, an online store that carries brands like UNIF and Jeffrey Campbell, also has their very on clothing and let me pick something out from their collection. This dress can also has buttons so that you could detach the top and the bottom! Mega rad right? I'm also feeling very magical with my By Sammi Ryan Pentagram/Pentacle Ear cuff alongside my VidaKush Claw ring. It makes me think of Halloween<3 Please excuse the messy mint nail polish! It was either chipped black nails or brand new and uncleaned ones! Lol. I hope you enjoyed this and please check out:
Little Friendly Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the said companies, all the opinions are strictly my own. ShopAkira did send me the dress to style. Sammi Ryan did send my the ear cuff to style as wel as VidaKush


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