Thursday, June 27, 2013





Harness Cutout Dress C/O Neon Saints // Cropped Moto Jacket - Nasty Gal // Shoes - UNIF Marychains

Neon Coral Cyber Blouse C/O Neon Saints // Shorts - American Apparel Disco Shorts // Socks and Glasses -  Forever21 // Shoes - Deandri Tequilas // See Through Mini Clutch C/O Swank Couture

Abby Cat Knit Top C/O Neon Saints // Lace Shorts - Swap meet // Shoes - Ego and Greed She Crays // Chain Garter C/O the LA bug

Hello friends!
How have you all been? I'm recovering from food poisoning >.< I don't know what I ate exactly... but man it was just totally bringing me down. I could barely get up without feeling like vomiting ): Anyways, I'm feeling a lot better. Here we are again with some amazing pieces from Neon Saints. This weekend they'll be having a pop up shop where you can actually go in and buy these amazing things in person! For 3 days (June 28-30/ Friday-Sunday) from 10am-6pm they'll be up an running! Head down to:

34281 Doheny Park Road
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

Don't miss out on grabbing all the goodies that you've been eyeing online! Sadly, I work ALLLLL weekend! So please go and have some fun, meet awesome people, and of course - check out the amazing gear!
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Little friendly disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the said companies. All opinions are strictly my own. Neon Saints, the LA bug, and Swank Couture did send me items for the purpose of styling.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm In A Daisy Craze

Daisy Craze Leggings C/O Neon Saints // Top - Topshop // Studded Converse C/O Created By Fortune // Green Bow - American Apparel
These daisy printed leggings are AMAZING. They're from Neon Saints. The print is so vibrant and detailed. They're literally so soft and comfortable, I just want to be in them all day. I decided to pair them with a simple top flowy top, just so that it would just play up the print more. I threw on these rad studded pair of Converse by Created By Fortune. I used to own two pairs on Converse, the low ankle cut ones in navy, and the high tops in black. I have no idea what happened to my navy ones, but I wore my black chucks down to the sole! They were so beaten up! I wrote on them, massive holes, and they even had safety pins... it was so punk rock lol. I'm super stoked to have another pair. These are so special because they are hand studded! All in all, this was a fun, laid-back, and comfy look.
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Little friendly disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the said companies. All opinions are strictly my own. Although, Neon Saints and Created By Fortune did send me pieces to style.

Nah Baby, I Ain't No Cheetah

Dakota Cheetah Hat C/O Neon Saints // Jacket - H&M // Velvet Halter - Brandy Melville // Shorts - Forever21 // Shoes - YRU Qozmo

What it do?!
I am normally not a fan of snap backs of these types of hats... but I am LOVING this 5 panel Cheetah print hat from Neon Saints. It's got an adjustable thick string like back which is perfect for my tiny head lol. I thought I'd pair it with simple pieces just to really let the print show. The varsity type jacket really adds this toughness that I don't normally vibe out, and this platform sneakers... I don't wear them enough! They're absolutely magnifying and comfy. This was a really fun look and I hope it brought out the "thug" inside you LOL. Peace Out


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Little friendly disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the said companies, all opinions are strictly my own. Although, Neon Saints did send me items to style.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lacey Baby with Shop Akira


Fringed Lace Hot Pants C/O Shop Akira // "The Wolf" Floral Crown - Stoned Foxx // Top - Brandy Melville // Holographic Purse - PLNDR // Holographic Shoes - Forever21
Hello my dearys,
I welcome back, Shop Akira ! I must say that these fringed lace shorts are AMAZING! This is totally perfect for the Spring/Summer. It's screams festival all over. The color is beautiful, it says it's Periwinkle - but I'll just call it a vibrant lavender. We all know that my favorite color lol. Anyways, the shorts fit amazing and the lace detailing is on point. I decided to pair them with a cute flowy crop top and a few holographic accessories. I think they really brought out the color of the hot pants. You could wear almost anything with these babies. Throw on a loose knit of a graphic tee and call it a match made it heaven. Speaking of heaven... how is everybody's summer going so far? I decided not to do the summer sessions and just relax and have some fun this break. I'm super excited for July<3 'Till next time guys! 
Little friendly disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the said companies. All opinions are strictly my own. Shop Akira did send me the shorts to style.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Super Colour Bart


Hey guys!
I feel like it's been a while... sorry! I'm finally on summer break but now I'm swamped with work >.< Anyways, introducing Super Colour Vintage ! They are an online boutique run that sells not only vintage but some very rad pieces inspired by the 90's, hip hop, and street style. They're run by a lovely lady by the name of Amanda Louie. I was totally in love with this Bart Simpson crop top, and I know that his face is all the rage now a days so I'm super stoked I got to have a piece with him all over it. It's one size fits most but has elastic on the bottom. It's super soft and perfect for the summer. The image of Bart's face is top notch too! I really wanted to try and style this top in a way that I normally wouldn't. To my surprise, I really enjoyed this look. The slacks give the top a more laid back feel and the holographic pumps in my opinion are what made it. I hope you guys dig this outfit!
Bart Crop Top C/O Super Colour Vintage // Slacks - Topshop // Holographic Pumps - Forever21
Lo <3
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Little Friendly Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the said companies. All opinions are strictly my own, although Super Colour Vintage did send me the top to style.