Friday, August 2, 2013

OOTD: 8/1/13 Yin and Yang Spaced Out

Green Floral Crown C/O Como La Flor // UNIF Yin Yang Crop Top & UNIF Spacer Platform Shoes - Bought off Dollskill // Mosh Shorts - UNIF // Cardigan - Forever21
I know I've been seriously lagging >.< sorry! Anyways, I just wanted to share my outfit. I recently bought this brand spanking new UNIF Yin Yang crop top and the new UNIF Spacer platforms... Can I say "ADORE!" The whole Yin and Yang screams 90's kid (which I am) and I just love the whole inner peace and balance between good and evil, light and dark ect.. I got an x-small, and it fits amazing. I wanted to pair it up with my current favorite shorts - the UNIF Mosh shorts. Okay, I know this sounds like a huge advertisement for UNIF, but they're my favorite brand out there. The quality of their clothing is like incomparable, plus all the designs and quirky borderline inappropriate logos they have going on are the best. If you own anything UNIF, you'll see why I'd spend my own hard earned money on them. Plus, the whole UNIF team is just so rad. ASIDES for my burning love for this brand, I threw on another fave of mine, this cardigan/shawl from Forever 21. I seriously wear it with everything. My lovely slime green (as I call it) was customized for me by the lovely girls of Como La Flor. The awesome thing about this crown is that it's actually a headband. You can wear it like a regular headband, and keep those hairs outta your face, OR if you're like me - place on the top of your cranium :) I seriously love this slime green crown! The flowers are seriously so pretty<3 To finish off the look, I put on my new feet babies! They are seriously amazing. I was thinking of writing a little review on the UNIF Spacer Platforms... what do you think?
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Little friendly disclaimer. I am not being paid by any of the said companies above with the exception of Como La Flor. All opinions are my own. I paid for all of these (except the crown) with my own money.

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