Monday, February 3, 2014

Hanging out in BOREDbank

Bored Tee - Bad Acid Sucks // Moto jacket - Nasty Gal // Socks - Forever 21 // Shoes - She Cray

Decided to roam around the city I spent most of my life growing up in. You see, I was born in LA, lived there and moved around from places like Santa Monica and Lancaster - then I ended up in some quiet little city known as Burbank for about like a decade. A pretty nice community with barely anything to do. So close to downtown LA but so far from everything fun. The only thing to do around while I was in high school was to go to the mall or go to parties.... Since my parents were strict - I could never go to those awesome parties lol. No biggie anyways. Looking at this little city through a camera makes it look all so different. Welcome to the Borebank Alleys. 

Photos by: Hannah Ray
Fish Eye Photos shot by Ron Khy and edited by Hanna Ray

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instagram: @captainhanski

Ron's site
instagram: @ronkhy

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  1. That fish eye is awesome. I'm digging the outfit so much and I'm jealous that you can still get away with warm weather wear.