Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Gypsy Hippie Fairy Princess


Jack Daniels Tank C/OSame Old Chic // Skirt and Hat - Forever 21 // Shoes - UNIF Das Boot // Shawl - Mom's closet // Floral crown C/O Como La Flor // Necklaces - Brandy Melville

     Getting lost in a hill. I totally felt like some sort of hippie gypsy fairy princess while I was running around this old trail in LA. There's something about the grassy hills and the make shift stairs of dirt and stone... The air was so fresh and clean and all I could hear were birds chirping and little squirrels rustling about. Sometimes it's easy to forget about all the peacefulness when you're in the city, so it's really nice to just get away. I used to go camping with my family a lot. I used to really enjoy all the fishing and adventuring into the woods kind of stuff, but I grew tired of it during my teenage years. All I wanted to do was just hang out at the mall with my friends and talk about boys. I now long to just go on an adventure. Let's see if I can get my self un-lazy :p

Photos By Ron
Instagram: @ronky

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