Friday, November 7, 2014

Catholic School Dropout

Skirt & Bag C/O Swaychic // Top and shoes - UNIF // Evil Eye Necklace C/O Blacktied // Pit & Pendulum Necklace C/O Maison De Morgana // Obey Leather Jacket C/O Lulu*s

     So as many of my followers on instagram, I was recently involved in a car accident. It happened on halloween, sucha  bummer cause I looked so cute lol. Anyways, to give a little detail: I was going straight and some idiot whore decided to make a left turn. Luckily nothing serious happened to me and my friend. I'm trying my hardest to shake off the incident but somehow it just seems to haunt me. I'm just a big fat baby ;P

On another note... You guys should keep your eyes peeled because there's a possibility of me selling some of the clothes from my closet! Keep a look out  cause I'll be selling some UNIF and possibly some Novella Royale :)