Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Feelin Good

Top - Camp Collection // Shorts - Urban Outfitters

You thought I was over summer huh? You guessed wrong. Had to bang out a few quick heat filled looks, It's still summer weather down here in Southern Cali. I STILL haven't really gone to the beach... what is this madness?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Sea Of Yellow Taxis

Native Cuff C/O Entropy Jewelry // Top and Skirt - Pylo // Belt - D.I.Y.

I recently went to New York for the first time and I absolutely loved it. The flight there, not so much. I was overwhelmed with all the tall buildings and sea of yellow cabs. Everything was just to beautiful in Manhattan. I got to explore Soho and visit The Highline. I'm only sad that I didn't get a chance to really really take in the city. I hope to return to New York next year.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Perfect Curls and Flawless Skin W/ NuMe and Belleto

So let's talk about hair. I often get asked how I do my hair and really, it's super simple. I use the NuMe Titan 3's 25M barrel. It is100% Titanium - 3 Interchangeable Barrels. The titanium means that the curls will last much longer, and the 3 barrels mean different sized curls. The Titan 3 also has infrared heat technology so the heat stays long. This baby gets hot and stays hot. Good thing it comes with one glove so you can be protected!

Here is a play by play:

1. Brush my hair. Life is easier when you have no knots!

2 . I usually section off my hair into 3 parts; bottom inner parts of the scalp, middle parts, and top/bangs area. I usually just use a clip or a hair tie.

3. Curling! So basically I curl my left and right sides of my hair away from my face. 
4. Hit it with spray! I love to give my hair a little lift with Dry Shampoo. The kind I use is Suave. After dry shampoo I use Aussie hair spray. 

5.  After all that I just like to comb everything out so it doesn't look to separated. and Voila! You're done.  

 Now let's talk about Make-Up! Specifically foundation. Everything has to start off with a good base. I personally have never used Airbrushed Foundation so this was a completely amazing experience. The Belletto Ultimate Air Brush System is the easiest and the best option. So basically you get the foundation in this little bottles since they are water based which totally won't break you out. You drop about 4-6 droplets in and let it rip. The foundation is so lightweight, it's as if theres nothing on my face. I seriously get such flawless coverage, which is even more build-able with every layer you spray on. Taking selfies is such a breeze when I've got this on as a base. 

Enjoy these coupon codes for a sweet discount!

$100 OFF Any NuMe Set

$59 Ultimate Air Brush System

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Dallas Romper C/O Pylo // Belt - D.I.Y. // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Bromley // Choker - Vanessa Mooney